Friday, 1 February 2013


When there isn't much to photograph around Scarborough, you can rely on our winter visitors, the Mediterranean Gulls at Holbeck car park. All you need is a camera (not necessarily a big one!), and a packet of plain crisps. I had seven around today, in a mass of Black-headed Gulls. The sun was actually shining, so conditions were perfect for a change. Some of the Meds are beginning to acquire more black on the head, and one was definitely feeling the joys of Spring, displaying to any other that came near.

All images on Canon EOS 1D MkIV and 500mm F4 IS USM Mk II. Hand held or monopod.

This is a second winter bird with black in it's primaries.

Display involves throwing the head back and opening the wings slightly whilst calling.

As long as you keep throwing the Walkers Ready Salted, they'll keep coming!

500mm is a bit too chunky for close flight shots. I need to go back with a shorter lens.

After I'd run out of crisps, I went to see the Water Rail at Northstead Manor Gardens. It showed very briefly on two or three occasions, but too quick for me to get any shots off. The light was wrong, so I went to Filey Dams. Quiet there too, but the ever faithful Tree Sparrows were performing.